World Class Self-Drilling Screw Manufacturer, 100% Made In India

  • Asia’s Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Self-Drilling Screws

    We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of self-drilling screws in India. Our screws are trusted by professionals for their quality, performance, and reliability.

World Class Self-Drilling Screw Manufacturer, 100% Made In India

The FPS Fasteners brand was established in 2020 and a goal of becoming the best self-drilling screw manufacturer and brand in Asia.

With knowledge and experience gained from years of working with fastener companies around the globe, this small yet humble Indian self-drilling screw manufacturer has slowly but steadily gained reputation for its product quality within the fasteners industry, both locally and abroad.

All FPS Fasteners undergo stringent in-house quality control to guarantee fast and stable drilling performance, and are regularly tested by accredited 3rd party laboratories for independent and impartial certification.

Self Drilling Screw

What makes us different?

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We offer expert advice, technical support, and personalized solutions to ensure you find the perfect fasteners for your application.

Extensive Inventory & Fast Delivery

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of fasteners to fulfill your orders promptly. Additionally, our efficient logistics network ensures fast delivery times, minimizing downtime for your projects.

100% Made in India

As a proud Indian manufacturer, we source and produce our fasteners entirely within the country. This not only ensures exceptional quality control but also allows us to contribute to the  “Make in India” initiative, strengthening the Indian economy.

Quality & Reliability

We go above and beyond industry standards by implementing rigorous testing procedures. This includes an in-depth evaluation of our manufacturers’ quality control processes alongside our historical test data. This commitment ensures you receive consistently high-quality fasteners you can trust.


FPS Fasteners is a leading self-drilling and self-tapping screw supplier that maintains strong bonds with distributors and project managers to create better construction projects. We believes the final build result reflects the quality of the hardware and tools used, hence we stock an extensive range of dependable self-drilling, self-tapping screws and accessories to meet customer expectations.

Our commitment extends beyond the product itself.

At FPS Fasteners, we’re not in the business of making nuts and bolts. Our ambitious aim is to become a well-known fastener leader in the world by providing the highest standard of quality and service to our customers, the global audience.  To exceed expectations, there will be no compromise on quality. This is much more than simply a slogan. 

It is a promise to our buyers, underscoring our attention to customer satisfaction. We recognize that the order of your job is dependent on each single connection’s dependability. Therefore, our devotion to quality is our foundational philosophy. In other words, we don’t compromise on quality here at FPS Fasteners. Our products are of superior quality; hence, they exhibit higher reliability, being rendered to endure.

Self Drilling Screw


As leading steel screw manufacturers, customer satisfaction is our major priority, which is why our self-drilling screws are manufactured with a drill point end. It eliminates the need for pre-drilled pilot holes since they perform the tapping, drilling, and fastening in one work step. We promote safer installation by manufacturing screws with high-performance drilling points that engage material faster with less effort.

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